Common Vaping Problems & How To Deal With Them

Guy in black hood, vaping

Vapes are very low tech, but they are still tech and as such they may create a few “technical challenges”. Fortunately there are also solutions for them. Here are a few issues you might encounter – and how to deal with them. Major popping sounds The key word in that heading is “major”. E-liquid has […]

How to Cope on Long Distance Flights without your Vape

The bad news is that vaping on planes is probably unlikely to be allowed any time soon, if ever. Planes have air conditioning, which basically means that the same air is recycled again and again for the entire course of the flight. In other words, if airlines allowed vaping, non-vapers would end up breathing in […]

Heavy Smokers could Kick Start a Healthier Lifestyle through Vaping

Cigarette burning out

By this point in time, nobody should be in any doubt whatsoever that smoking is bad for you, really bad for you, lethally bad for you. Even so, each year, new people take up the habit and once you start smoking, not only is it notoriously difficult to stop, but it is only too easy […]

E Liquids Explained! 50/50, Short Fills & Concentrate

E Liquids Explained!

At a basic level, all e-liquids are a blend of a carrier liquid, nicotine and (usually) flavouring. Even though that’s only three ingredients, there are all kinds of ways they can be mixed and matched to suit an individual’s needs and wants. Carrier liquid Although we just said three ingredients, in actual fact it’s usually […]